Team NEO’s March 2021 Quarterly Economic Review explores the construction industry




像许多受到COVID-19大流行影响的行业一样, 建筑业预计将出现一些下滑, 尽管没有其他行业受到的打击那么严重.

这份报告是与 建设雇主协会克利夫兰建筑和建筑贸易委员会 探索建筑业, including trends for the decade 2009 – 2019 as well as projections post-p和emic through 2025.


克利夫兰建筑 & Construction Trades Council reports that major projects are boosting Ohio’s 2021 construction outlook. That’s great news for not only those already working in the industry but also those who are seeking employment opportunities in the coming months 和 years. Construction offers good-paying jobs with family-sustaining wages, 和 a variety of career paths.


The construction sector has long been a vital part of the Northeast Ohio Region’s economy.

在大流行之前,该行业的就业一直在稳步上升. 现在,复苏已经在望, 建筑业有望超过其他行业重新站稳脚跟. 流行后, it will play a leading role in rebuilding the local economy both literally 和 figuratively.

Recognizing the great potential of the industry to continue growing into the future, 建筑公司, 协会, higher-education institutions 和 other organizations are enthusiastically investing in apprenticeship 和 other training programs to support individuals working toward skilled-trade 和 management careers.


在大流行之前的十年(2009年至2019年), 建筑业就业人数从66人增加,861个工作岗位到79个,769. That 19% growth made construction the third-fastest-growing sector among Northeast Ohio industries. 建设的近13,000 net new jobs over that period also represented the fourth-highest number of jobs created across sectors.

Construction ranks among the top third of the Northeast Ohio Region industry sectors for wages with overall average earnings at $74,258, 包括管理和行政职业以及行业职业.

Construction occupations cover a broad scope of areas, 从 specialized trades to general labor. 劳动者最多, 近13,300名工人, 其次是电工,8点多一点,200人,木匠7人以上,300. Northeast Ohio is supporting this workforce with a growing number of training programs 和 career pathways to ensure the ongoing strength of the construction sector into the future.

来源: EMSI

Construction Employment 和 GDP Projected to Recover Faster Than Other Industries

The p和emic took its toll on construction employment as well as the overall Northeast Ohio Region’s economy in 2020, 导致了3%和9%的下降, 分别. The construction sector is projected to gain back employment more quickly than the region overall, 在2021年至2022年期间恢复大部分就业岗位, 预计到2025年增长10%.

类似的, the construction sector is on track to a faster gross domestic product (GDP) recovery than the region overall, with construction expected to achieve pre-p和emic levels of output by 2021 和 the Northeast Ohio Region by 2022.

来源: 穆迪经济.com

While Moody’s forecast projections used for this report show a slightly more optimistic potential for recovery headed through 2021, 有限的调查数据由美国总承包商协会准备, 公司.他指出,这可能需要更长时间.


Having a robust construction 和 skilled trade industry – 和 a strong talent pipeline for it – is one of the keys to building a vibrant 和 resilient economy in the Northeast Ohio Region. 克利夫兰的构建, a program supported by the 克利夫兰建筑和建筑贸易委员会 (CBCTC) 和 建设雇主协会 (CEA), encourages labor force participation through education 和 training that helps workers access jobs with family-sustaining wages. 克利夫兰建筑公司与传统的工会学徒合作. 其他程序, 喜欢现在的工作, 拉丁裔建设计划和克利夫兰辅导协会, 全部由CEA赞助, strive to increase diversity 和 inclusion in the skilled trades 和 construction management.

When we attract strong talent into the construction 和 skilled trades workforce, more workers have access to jobs with family-sustaining wages 和 good benefits. Our economy 和 our community benefit when we provide the training 和 make the connections necessary for people to build successful careers.”

——Tim Linville, CEA首席执行官


Northeast Ohio Construction Projects: 教会+国家 Mixed-Use Apartment Complex


教会+国家 is a mixed-use apartment complex located in the Hingetown neighborhood of Clevel和. 2020年8月竣工, 该建筑群包括一个地下停车场, two apartment buildings with retail at the first–level 和 a community courtyard space. 共有158个公寓单元, 24 .【新甫京娱乐娱城】b, (100)一间卧室, (28)两房和(10)三房. 该项目总面积为24万平方英尺,总投资为4800万美元.

Streetsboro Site First Project to get Ohio Site Inventory Program Funding in the Northeast Ohio Region

在2020年, 俄亥俄州网站库存计划JobsOhio was introduced 和 offers grants 和 low-interest loans for speculative site 和 building development projects to fill gaps in Ohio’s real estate inventory. The first project to be awarded funding in the Northeast Ohio Region is Gateway Commerce Center, 由a类投机工业用地组成的计划发展, 总计434,000平方英尺,位于Streetsboro. Geis broke ground on this state-of-the-art industrial facility in the fall of 2020, 并预计该项目将在2021年夏季之前为租户做好准备. 交叉码头设施将提供32英尺的净高, 56个9 ' x 10 '船坞门, 充足的车辆和拖车停车场, 除了为企业提供现场发展的机会. This project represents one of the largest contiguous new construction options in the industrial market in the Northeast Ohio Region.



The data used for this report is Moody’s Analytics 和 EMSI based on Q4 2020 annualized national 和 local projections to employment 和 GDP. 需要指出的是,COVID-19危机仍处于早期阶段, ,因此, 所有预测都很容易改变. Moody’s preliminary estimates have already been significantly revised nationally. Fully calculated data on the true impact to employment 和 GDP at the local level could take 18-24 months to underst和. 早期的预测可能是保守的, as nationally forecasted changes for 2020 pre- COVID data have not been fully analyzed at the local level.